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Computer Classes

The Kalinga English Medium School has provided the basic computer education in the school with vest practices for students for all classess

Teachers ahs introduce to students about computers, the Internet, keyboarding and basic productivity applications. These students to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and advanced techniques may be covered as well. Those already possessing basic computer and Internet skills can take a Web design course that provides an introduction to graphic design etc..

The responces teaches have teach to students how computers work and covers basic terminology. Students should learn how to start up and shut down programs, organize and save files, use a mouse and connect to printers. Basic word processing programs will be introduced, as well as basic keyboarding. Connecting to the Internet will be covered and students will learn to use browsers and search engines, include setting up email accounts, and may introduce popular programs and internet security may also be discussed.

Classroom computer access to different applications such as online learning communities and interactive educational tools offer a more dynamic learning experience, with direct benefits to students.
Latest technologies that are being utilized within the classroom have made it possible for essential learning to be introduced to students during their elementary levels of education and to be refined through their students of school and collegiate experiences. As classroom computer technology is being used for different types of communication—for presentation, for class interaction, and for collaboration