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Annual Sports of the School

The Kalinga English Medium School celebrated their Annual Sports and function on month of march in year at the school campus . Sports day is an important and memorable day in a child's life as it instills sportsmanship, excitement, competitive spirit, fellowship and physical performance. The school sports day had the right mix of fun, competition, performance and team spirit as the Geckos were energetic and excited throughout the event.

The most intriguing aspect, of the event, was the splendid field drills like yoga, zumba, taekwondo and aerobics drill involving mass student participation.The zealous parents, gathered in large numbers, constantly applauded the enthusiastic young sports. The young achievers were awarded best athletes from different categories.

School have provind all games like football, cricket, throw ball, dodge ball, volleyball, track and field, basketball etc. These sports days are held between the various houses in a in the school
The event concluded with our guests, congratulating the winners with medals and certificates and an inspiring speech by our distinguished chief guests.