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Diversity of Kalinga English Medium School

We believe the world is a rich and diverse place full of interesting cultures and people, who should be treated with respect and from whom there is a great deal to learn.

We know that employing and managing diverse people gives us a more rounded and balanced organisation and makes us more adaptable to new situations. This is not simply about gender, ethnicity, disability or age: it is about open mindedness, embracing non-conformity and creating balanced teams.

We believe in hiring a very diverse workforce. Our team is largely comprised of the better half. Our team is from different parts of India, while someone comes from the east another from the north of India. We have quite a few people on the team who have traversed across the length and breadth of India across almost all states.

This rich diversity and cross cultural approach to issues allows us different perspectives while solving some of the most complex student issues.

Diversity at our workplace brings an element of fun, happiness and respect for each other at the school. We are inclusive as a team and therefore encourage student from all of life.

Diversity is a source of opportunity, whether in employment or customer markets. Appreciation of the rich mosaic of difference within the workforce fuels group dynamics and helps create an environment where teams can perform to their full potential. A generalised market approach will not reach the many pockets of value to be found in diverse groups of students for example:

  • Race, religion, culture, nationality
  • Physical ability and appearance
  • Outside, non-employment, activity and interests
  • Personality
  • Educational background
  • Regional or other accents
  • Everyone delivers the brand - it's the way we respond to and treat customers, both internal and external
  • To deliver a truly world class brand we need to get better at living our values and behaviour at all levels
  • Understanding the importance of the each individual's contribution to business success
  • Maximizing their potential and inspiring them
  • Creating a framework of values and behaviors that act as guidance
  • Including these ideas within the basic principles that define the organization.

A diverse organisation is one that invites embraces and manages difference in the changing workforce to gain the best from its people and to provide the best service to its customers. It encourages the breaking down of barriers of the past to look at things in a new way, to find effective business and customer solutions. In such organisations diversity is regarded as a competitive differentiator, in both employment and customer markets. Characteristics of such an organisation include:

  • Recognition of diversity as a business issue. Every level of the organization holds responsibility
  • The existence of a widely accepted and practiced set of values that ensure the respect and dignity of all
  • An environment where the insights of diverse groups are sought and welcomed; where people are not alienated or sidelined because they don't 'fit' into a set expectation
  • Innovation and creativity are rewarded and recognized
  • A climate where people feel that their background and lifestyle does not affect perceptions of them as a professional, or affect their opportunities for development
  • Flexible working practices are made available, as there is an appreciation that not everyone can and will work the same hours and in the same way. This removes disadvantage and discrimination to participation in work
  • The diverse workforce is visible at every level of the organization and in every business area.